According to a report by UNICEF about 22.8 million children between the ages 6-15 are out of school. That makes a staggering 44pc of the total population of the country aged between the same bracket. That is alarming, however, the issue isn’t only the low illiteracy rate. Most of us hold a general idea of calling someone educated if he or she is a university degree holder. However, getting a degree necessarily does not mean that you are a well-aware citizen, says a press release.

When we talk about being well aware and educated in its true essence, a lot of factors come in play such as the society, including your family and friends, educational and training institutes you studied in, faculty and training staff that has been teaching you and what you take out of the degree program you have been pursuing. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s education sector like several other industries faces political and foreign influences, subsequently hindering its development. For years, we have been following the same curriculum, without addition of new concepts and removal of the outdated topics according to the national and global needs. Subsequently, our teaching staff is left unsupervised for years as well.